A Guide by Fresh and Clean SWFL; Choosing the Right Stone Floors

A Guide by Fresh and Clean SWFL; Choose the Right Stone Floors

Introducing stone flooring to your house can help to elevate the overall look. Several options for stone flooring are available. But finding out the best and ideal fit for your house type is a complex task. 

However, this article has listed different stone flooring types and the best tips for choosing the right one. Read the write-up to uncover more about stone flooring.  

Different types of stone flooring 

Stone flooring types




Engineered Stone

Has  low porosity Available in different shades Can be fitted in house locations such as a bathroom, kitchen, and entryway.  


They are sedimentary and have high porosity levels Available in darker hues  Can be employed to fit in bathroom, kitchen, living room, home office, and entryway


They are Metamorphic and have medium porosity.  In markets, they are available in a varied range of subtle colors.  They are used in washrooms, kitchens, living spaces, home offices, entrance


They are metamorphic and have medium porosity They are available in different earth tones like brown, green, and blue.  They are used in bathrooms, kitchen accents, and patios. 


They are Igneous and have low porosity levels.  Several colors and design options are available in this stone flooring type.  They can be used in washrooms and kitchen accents.

6 Best Tips To Choose The Right Stone Floors

⇒ Pricing is the key. 

The pricing of stone floors varies according to their appearance and characteristics, and many such parameters come into play. Choose the one which best fits into your budget. 

If you are looking for any cost-reliable option, then opt for slates and travertines. And even you can choose attractive and cost-effective designs for small areas like hallways, bathrooms, and shower areas. 

Create a checklist of all the preferred stone floors according to your price range. And do not forget to add up the installation prices. 

⇒ Sustainability

For your flooring, choose stones that are extracted from quarries. Take care to select the stones for flooring which are easily available. By choosing recycled stone for flooring you can reduce the need for quarrying. Through this practice, environmental waste also lessens. 

Choose stones that are durable and have good longevity. Durable and long-lasting stone flooring requires less maintenance. And they are also good in terms of less requirement of renovation. 

Some of the stones require more environmental sources like more water for care. But choose the ones that less impact the environment and are an ideal fit for your space. 

 For creating sustainable space, choose stone flooring that is durable, long-lasting, and requires less water and quarrying. 

⇒ Maintenance needs

Stone cleaning and maintenance is another crucial factor. Different stone flooring has distinct maintenance needs. Try to prefer stone floors that require less resources. However, if the natural stone is sealed correctly, then it requires less care. 

But try to frequently maintain and clean the flooring to renew its polished appearance. 

⇒ Suitability of stone flooring

All types of stone floors can not fit in any or all the locations of the house. But why? For instance, in the regions with more foot traffic, you can not opt for softer honed, or polished tiles. 

So likewise, each tile type is fitted by taking care of several parameters. Our professionals suggest hiring experts for this purpose, they will guide you and will help you to fit the tiles according to their ideal space. 

⇒ Size is a crucial factor to consider

The size and shape of the stone flooring can vary according to your desired design preference. If you want a more modern and chic space, then pick square tiles in one size laid ‘in-line’. 

If traditional styling of stone floors attracts you more then opt for rectangular tiles in a brick-bond design. Another best option is the Opus pattern which gives a good look to the whole space. 

⇒ Colors that elevate your place look.

Stone floors are available in different color palate options. Select the one which matches your house tint. From dark hues to pastel colors there is an option for every person. 

If you are looking for darker stone flooring, then go for black-toned limestones, marbles, and slates. Light shades in ceramic tiles are the best option to revamp your house look.

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