How To Take Care Of Your Stone Countertops In 2023

How To Take Care Of Your Stone Countertops In 2023

Stone countertops are a valuable feature in your kitchen. Taking care of and maintaining them is of utmost importance to make them shine and last longer because of their porous nature. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to take care of your stone countertops in 2023.

5 Excellent Tips To Take Care Of Your Stone Countertops In 2023

Sealing your stone

Natural stones are mostly porous and are exposed to spills and stains. You must seal them regularly to prevent any food, spills, or substances from being absorbed.

If you want to check whether the stone needs to be sealed or not, then spill some water on the high-traffic area and let it sit for some time. If the area where the water was spilled gets dark, then it shows that the stone needs to be sealed.

You can also apply DIY tricks, but you may end up damaging your natural stone. Hence, it is preferable to opt for professional stone sealing services.

Cleaning With Safe And Appropriate Products

If you are cleaning your natural stone regularly, then make sure you are using a pH-neutral cleaner that is specifically designed for natural stone cleaning. Avoid using any harsh or acidic cleaner for cleaning your natural stone. Inappropriate cleaning methods can discolor your natural stone. Consider some effective natural stone cleaning and maintenance tips for better results.

Spot Treatment Of Stains

Accidental spills can stain natural stones severely, as they are porous and absorb any substance easily. If someone accidentally spills something on your natural stone, then blot it immediately and make sure you don’t spread it. If you are not doing spot treatment of the spills then it may stain your natural stone.

Before treatment, it is crucial to know the cause of the stain. The professionals will use specialized tools and equipment to treat that particular stain and bring back the gorgeous appearance of your natural stone.

Avoid Damage To Your Natural Stone

Natural stones like calcite and marble are very sensitive to acidic substances. Make sure you are not using any acidic cleaners or spilling acidic substances accidentally. Avoid keeping cosmetic stuff directly on the natural stones, as it may damage them.

Try to avoid direct heat and sunlight on your valuable natural stones, as the UV rays of the sun can lead to discoloration. It will ruin the natural aesthetic beauty of the stone.

Call Professional Technicians If Needed Any Help

Regularly treating natural stone is essential to maintaining its natural beauty and aesthetics. If it is looking discolored, hazy, scratched, and dull, then you must contact skilled technicians for the appropriate and accurate treatment of your valuable stones. There are many benefits of hiring a natural stone cleaning company.

Summing Up

Natural stones are beautiful and worth investing in, but only if proper care is taken. Sealing your stones to protect them and spot treatment of spills and stains is very necessary to preserve their beauty for a longer period.

Sometimes the stones get so dull and discolored that it is not possible to restore their beauty by applying DIY tricks. In this case, contact professional natural stone cleaning services. Technicians will bring back the original shine and beauty of your natural stone. In the above-mentioned blog, we have discussed 5 amazing tips to take care of your stone countertops in 2023.

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