Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Gone are those days when a limited number of houses had natural stone as flooring, countertops, or bathroom tiles. Natural stone provides an attractive appearance to the home interior. Its various colors, textures, and designs attract everyone. As far as cleaning is concerned, natural stones require timely cleaning and maintenance to be in their original looks.

Natural Stone Cleaning And Maintenance Tips 

Clean Your Surfaces Regularly

Regular cleaning of your natural stone flooring can prevent debris and grime from accumulating. Make sure you clean the natural stone flooring and surfaces with a dry mop and a suitable natural stone cleaner. Even though natural stone is a resistant material, it requires mild cleanser as the acidic and harsh cleaner can cause spots and scratches on it.

Protect with Sealant

Since natural stone is a porous material, it is necessary to apply a sealant to protect it from any damage. All types of natural stones have different porosity, Highly porous stones like Indian sandstone, limestone, and marble need to be resealed every 3-5 months, while natural stones with lesser porosity like granite and quartz require sealing once a year.

Use Bleach and Water for Mold and Mildew

Dirt and moisture on a porous surface like natural stone are favorable for mold and mildew growth. You can observe mold growth on surfaces like patios and pathways. Some people will advise you to clean the mold with vinegar. But any acidic substance can damage your natural stone. You can use a mixture of one-fourth amount of bleach and cold water to fix this problem.

Address The Stains Immediately 

Stains can be a big problem for your natural stone surfaces if they remain on the surface for a long time. Spills are frequent in every household. But if they stay on the natural stone for a long time, it becomes tough to remove them. Furthermore, harsh scrubbing to clean the stubborn stains can damage your flooring and other surfaces.

Dry the Surface After Cleaning

Keeping the natural stone surfaces can be a big mistake because wetness can lead to many problems for your floors and other surfaces. Wet surfaces attract more dust particles. Moisture leads to mold growth. Also, there are chances of water spots on floors and bathroom tiles if water droplets remain there for a long time.

Use Correct Equipment & Methods

As mentioned earlier, natural stone cleaning is a delicate task, and you should be very careful while doing so. One small mistake can affect the appearance of your flooring or another surface. You should use the correct cleaning methods and equipment. For instance, use a soft-bristled brush and avoid harsh scrubbing.

Final Thoughts

Natural stone is an excellent option for the interior of your home and workplace as it gives a mesmerizing look to your property. But it requires proper cleaning and maintenance to preserve its original appearance. The tips discussed here will help you to clean and maintain your natural stone flooring and surfaces. Or rather than doing all this stuff by yourself you can easily call for a professional natural stone cleaning service.

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