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Expert Tips: How To Maintain Carpets After A Professional Cleaning?

Expert Tips: How To Maintain Carpets After A Professional Cleaning?

So you’ve had your carpet cleaned by pros. Great! It’s now in its best state, spotlessly shining like new. But it won’t remain the same for a lifetime. You’ll need to care for it to keep up with the neat look that deep cleaning left.

And to make that super easy for you, our experts at ‘Fresh N Clean SWFL’ have brought simple tips to keep it shining after a pro cleaning.

11 Expert Tips To Preserve Your Carpets After A Professional Cleaning

1. Let It Dry Before You Walk

Your carpet must be damp after deep cleaning. If you use it right away, it can reverse the cleaning and soil it again. So, let it dry before you walk over it. Also, keep the pets and kids away as long as it takes the carpet to dry after cleaning.

2. Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to maintain a carpet after a professional cleaning. To keep dirt and dust off your carpet, we advise you to vacuum it at least once a week.

This will not let the particles settle in its fibers and keep your carpet clean for long. Focus more on commonly used areas and do it more often if you have pets or kids.

3. Blot The Spills Fast

We understand. You can’t avoid spills. But acting fast can at least save them from turning into stains. Blot the spills on your carpet right after they happen.

This will not let them get into the backing and sit permanently. We urge you not to rub the stain and just blot gently with a white cloth, and you’ll save it from most stains if you work fast.

4. Use Safe Products

When you have got a neat and clean carpet by pros, you won’t want to spoil it with harsh cleaners. They can damage its fibers and even leave a residue.

Always use green products to clean your carpet. They are the safest for your carpet without damaging it. We suggest checking for a green label like CRI’s Seal of Approval (SOA) or Safer Choice of EPA.

5. Use A Stain Protector

Carpet fiber protection is important for your carpet as it gets soiled with day-to-day stains. It makes a barrier between the surface dirt and its fibers.

So you can save the spills from entering deeper and make it even easier to clean the spots. Invest in a good quality protector to make it last longer and protect it from frequent soiling.

6. Trap The Dirt With Mats

Dirt from the outside can make your carpet dirty. One good idea to trap that dirt is to place mats and rugs over your carpet.

Keep them in entry areas and common areas to save your carpet. This will lessen the dirt that reaches your carpet and help it stay clean.

7. Do Not Allow Shoes Inside

Walking with shoes on your carpet can be the real enemy. Dirty shoes bring debris and grime that get stuck to your carpet. So, make sure you have a rule of leaving the shoes outside before entering your home.

8. Save It From Sun Rays

If your carpet gets direct sunlight, it can start fading its color. To maintain it after professional cleaning, keep it away from direct rays falling on it. You can draw the curtains or blinds and even close your windows to do so.

9. Groom Your Pets

If you have pets, we know what they can do to your newly cleaned carpets. From dander to dirt and stains, they can spoil it away. To save your carpet from getting dirty by your pets, make sure you maintain your pets well.

Bathe them regularly and brush their hair. You will see a much lesser amount of dander and dirt collected by your carpet.

10. Don’t Drag A Heavy Weight

You do agree that heavy weight can really tarnish the look of your carpet. It starts having dips and loses its real form.

This means you should rearrange your furniture every once in a while to distribute the weight equally. Also, avoid dragging heavy objects across your carpet.

11. Fluff It Up Once In A While

Just like vacuuming, we’ll also suggest fluffing up your carpet with a soft brush or a carpet rake. You will save your carpet from permanent dents that would have tangled its fibers and spoiled it’s even look.

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