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How often should you Get your Carpets Cleaned?

How often should you Get your Carpets Cleaned?

When you add beautiful carpets to your floors, they improve the appearance of your place. They also provide comfort to any guest visiting you. But the same carpets turn dull and dirty when they experience dust, debris, and stains.

Though cleaning the carpets depends on several factors, you should get them deep cleaned once or twice a year. Along with cleaning them, you need to maintain your carpets to keep them in tip-top condition and increase their lifespan.

Thus, it is necessary to keep your carpets clean and fresh. Read this blog to know how often you should get the carpets cleaned depending on a few factors.

Four Factors that Affect The Carpets and should Get Cleaned Often

1. Pets and Kids

Children, pets, or both at your place might accidentally spill liquids on your carpets, making them look untidy. Pet hair sheds a lot and might get tangled in the carpet fibers.

All these damages your carpet and reduces its durability. Thus, get your carpets vacuumed once a week and deep cleaned once in six months to maintain them for a long.

2. Allergens

Dust, debris, molds, and mildew accumulates on the carpets when left unclean. The harmful substances invite germs and bacteria to your place. These allergens cause severe health issues and allergies to each person present.

Get your carpets vacuumed twice a week and deep cleaned twice or thrice in six months to prevent them from allergens.

3. Type of Carpet

If you have low-pile carpets, there are fewer chances for the accumulation of dust particles. So they can be easily cleaned other than the high-pile carpets. Along with selecting the correct carpet type, it is essential to choose the right carpet color.

For instance, if you have light-colored carpets, then they must get cleaned regularly as they start looking shabby very soon due to the dirt. Vacuum the high-pile or light-colored carpets often and deep clean them once or twice in three months.

4. Foot Traffic

Carpets in high-foot-traffic areas of your place experience a lot of dirt and grime, whereas low-foot-traffic areas have less people visiting, so it might get less dirty.

Vacuuming the carpets twice a week and deep cleaning twice a year or two results in better condition of the carpets. Also, be sure to avoid the presence of footwear studded with dirt particles and soil to reduce foot traffic at your place.

Summing up

You might now have an idea of when to get carpets cleaned. Instead of damaging your carpets and losing them forever, it is better to hire a professional.

Experts at Fresh N Clean SWFL provide a fresh and clean carpet that enhances the aesthetic appeal and delivers a good impression in front of visitors. Call us at (239) 491-8046 to schedule an appointment and enjoy our carpet cleaning services.

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