5 Amazing Different Types Of Tiles

5 Amazing Different Types Of Tiles

Tiles are one of the most important attributes of any household. It can change the style and the appearance of your house. If the tiles are dull and non-aesthetic, they can change the whole mood of any person or individual. You need to maintain them efficiently and make them look amazing.

Professionals are required to make the tiles smooth and new again. They have the right equipment for the job and here are some best types of tiles listed, Check and get to know which type of style suits best for your household.

Different Types Of Tiles

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are adaptable and are also a popular option for tiles in home remodeling projects. Ceramic is the best material for any area in your house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and front entry, due to its affordability and durability. Comparatively speaking to wood carpet, or even vinyl plank flooring, glazed ceramic tile provides greater safety against stains or damage.

Know the benefits of Ceramic tiles

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile is made from higher ratios of quartz and silica or sometimes they are also baked and fired up for more durability than their red clay counterparts. As a result, they are also expensive sometimes. These tiles can resemble pricey marble, industrial bricks, or hardwood planks when they have been glazed, etched, and texturized.

If you are trying for a DIY in this type of tile, it can be time-consuming and hard as it’s tougher than normal ceramic tile. It also requires special company-fitted equipment which is not easily available in a normal home.

Know the benefits of Porcelain tiles

Glass Tile

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have the highest stain resistance of any type of tile, they are even resistant to acidic substances like red wine and lemon juice. This glass has only one type of disadvantage, as the glass tile is fragile it is easy to chip or crack down if any item is dropped upon it.

It is normally assumed that this tile can work best in the shower or as a backsplash. Mainly it’s used in bathrooms around the mirror or lights.

Know the benefits of Glass tiles

Marble Tile

Marble Tiles

Marble is a smart and bold choice as marble is frequently seen as one of the more expensive natural stone tile materials and because it possesses a level of elegance and flair that is difficult to replicate with other materials.

The naturally occurring stone comes in a wide range of colors, including green, grey, beige, white, black, and many others. It also exhibits a stunning array of color decorative patterns.

Know the benefits of Marble tiles

Granite Tile

granite tiles

As granite is harder than marble, it is less likely to chip and crack. Another natural rock tile used in floors and worktops is granite, which has color flecks and specks that are especially present. Granite is a great option for wet areas or countertops because it is reasonably waterproof and won’t absorb moisture or stains.

Know the benefits of Granite tiles

How Often Tiles Should Be Washed? 

Even if you live by yourself or don’t experience frequent activity in your home, your floors still need attention if you want them to remain spotless. In this case, experts recommend giving your floors sweep and mop sessions once or twice a week. If you have pets and children at home you need to seep and vacuum four to five times a week.

If you have no time and want to clean your tiles there is only one option which is to call the professionals. They are well trained and are available 24/7 for any of their clients. They aim to fulfill any kind of wish clients make to make it worthy. You can call them for free to ask for a quote or some advice.

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