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Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Carpets add beauty to your flooring and provide comfort. Maintaining them for the long run seems to be a difficult task. Regular cleaning and maintaining the carpets is necessary to keep them fresh and increase their longevity.

Cleaning the carpets with the help of DIY methods might be a risk to your carpets. Cleaning the carpet yourself might cause major mistakes leading to damage to the carpet. Read this blog to know the most common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Six Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Leaving The Spills Unclean

Accidental spills turn into dry stains when left uncleaned. Those stains are ultimately hard to remove as they might get stuck into carpet fibers causing wear and tear. Blot the spills using a clean cloth or towel as soon as you notice them. Avoid hot water for cleaning this as it can make the stains worse.

2. Trusting The DIY Methods Wholly

You should stop relying entirely on DIY carpet cleaning methods. Using DIY cleaning methods might not give you the best and most satisfactory results every time. There are instances where these methods can damage the carpet due to improper and irregular cleaning performed. It is a better option to hire a professional who ensures deep cleaning and zero damage to your carpets.

3. Over-wetting The Carpets

Avoid using excessive water for cleaning the carpets. Overwetting means soaking the carpet too much and not drying it nicely later. Too much water usage leads to discoloration of the carpet fibers and the growth of molds and mildew and it becomes necessary to remove molds from the carpet to prevent further damage. Use a sponge to remove the water and clean the carpets. You can also blot the area immediately using a paper towel.

4. Scrubbing instead of Blotting

You should always blot the stains using a clean cloth and avoid scrubbing them. Scrubbing the stains will damage the color, design, and fabrics of the carpets. The carpet fibers may be torn out, and this will lead to a dull and damaged carpet which might later get hard to recover.

5. Avoid using Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your carpet while utilizing DIY cleaning techniques. Using harsh cleaning solutions might produce toxic fumes and be harmful. Think twice and check the type of carpet fibers before using any cleaning solutions. Patch test the solutions before executing.

6. Using incorrect Tools and Techniques

Using DIY cleaning methods and equipment to clean the carpets might cause severe damage to them. Using incorrect tools and techniques leads to faded color, inferior fabrics, patchiness, etc., of the carpet. The damage caused by the tools and techniques is irreversible. Using cheaper tools will save you money at the beginning but cost you an expensive replacement of the carpets thereafter.

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