Everything You Need To Know About Natural Stone

Everything You Need To Know About Natural Stone

Since ancient times, natural stones have been a valuable resource for human beings. In olden times, almost everything used to be of rocks and stones because they were readily available, highly rigid, and durable. As time passed, humans invented metals, and they reduced the use of stones to a certain extent.

But they were still in use. Many monuments and architectural marvels were constructed using natural stone. Natural stones are still used on a large scale; they are being used as a decorative and construction material.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stones are the organic rocks formed inside the earth’s crust because of their minerals composition. They are extracted from the earth’s crust and used for a wide range of construction purposes.

Types of Natural Stone


Granite Natural Stone

Granite the most popular natural stone available on the market. It is commonly in use because of its high durability, hardness, and low maintenance.


Limestone Natural Stone

Limestone is delicate and has a mid-range hardness. Because of their aesthetic appearance, these are useful for indoor and outdoor construction.


Marble Natural Stone

Marbles form when the limestones are subjected to heat and pressure. It is comparatively soft but has an elegant and attractive appearance.


Quartzite Natural Stone

Quartzite is one of the hardest natural stones and highly durable material. That makes it a suitable option for flooring and areas with high traffic.


Slate Natural Stone

Slate is another natural stone suitable for areas with high traffic like floors. Slate is dense and resists stains and acidic substances.


onyx natural stone

Onyx is a translucent material with less durability as compared to others. They are ideal for making fireplaces, accent walls, and decorative pieces.


Soapstone natural stone

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that is non-porous and soft. It is hygienic and stain-free. It is best suitable for kitchen surfaces.

Benefits of Natural Stone


Almost every type of natural stone is durable and can sustain wear. It is the main benefit of using natural stone as a building material.


Natural stones are available in a wide range of colors and textures. One can also form various designs on a natural stone.

Easy to Maintain

Natural stone surfaces are easy to maintain, Unlike ceramics, Harwood, and laminates. It gets clean smoothly with vacuuming or moping.


Natural stones are hygienic as they do not attract dust and grime like carpets, making them a better option for countertops and other kitchen surfaces.

Maintenance of Natural Stone

As mentioned earlier, natural stones require very less maintenance. You can keep your natural stone surfaces clean and shiny with the least effort. Frequent vacuuming and moping are enough for natural stones, but you can also use mild store-bought clearers for better results.

Do not use harsh scrubbing and acidic cleaning chemicals to clean the natural stones. It can cause damage like wear and staining of the surface. If you are not sure about the correct cleaning technique, you can call professional natural stone cleaning services.

Bottom Line

Naturals stones are being used since ancient times. They are available in a wide range. They have lots of benefits; that make them a perfect choice as a building material.

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