How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Tiles with Regular Cleaning?

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Tiles with Regular Cleaning?

Tiles are among the common flooring types that are durable and long-lasting if kept well. After we deep clean the floors for our clients, a common advice we are asked for is about how they can help their tiles stay clean for longer.

We always emphasize routine cleanup being the best way to maintain your floors. Here are some ways you can extend the lifespan of your tiles with regular cleaning. Read on what our experts at Fresh and Clean SWFL suggest.

5 Ways To Extend The Lifespan of Your Tiles With Regular Cleaning

1. Clear the surface dirt by vacuuming twice a week

One of the key reasons why our clients have sparkling floors even after years is their consistent vacuuming routine. We suggest vacuuming or sweeping your tiled surfaces at least once or twice a week, depending on the area and traffic.

That removes the surface dirt and grit from your floors before they settle and damage or scratch the tiles and helps your floors last much longer.

2. Clean the spills fast and avoid letting them sit

As tiles are durable materials, we know, many of you might think they won’t take in the spills that easily. But if you keep the spills lingering for a long time, which is a common tile cleaning mistake, they can stain your floors, especially the grout lines and porous tiled materials.

So, we suggest not to let the spills turn into stains and clean your floor as soon as the spills happen.

3. Clean as per the type of tiles

Not all cleaners are right for the type of your floor. When homeowners call us for a deep cleaning when their solutions do not seem to work, we notice they have chosen the wrong cleaners (not suitable for their tiles).

While some common tile types, like porcelain or ceramic, can be cleaned with any cleaner, some delicate tile types, like natural stone, slate, and others, can even get damaged when cleaned in the wrong way.

We recommend cleaning your floors in a way suitable to your floor type. Providing them with specialized and right care will help you maintain them well.

4. Treat the grout, too

One of the reasons why tiled floors seem to wear out sooner in some homes is the lack of separate attention to the grout lines.

Grout lines are porous and attract dirt and grit within them. Further, when you mop your floors, the grime gets pushed into your grout lines even more.

That is why we often recommend treating your grout lines with special attention. This will prevent the build-up in the grout lines and save them from damage, helping your floors last longer.

5. Deep clean once a year by calling experts

Deep cleaning is as essential for maintaining your floors as routine cleaning. It is crucial to note that one cannot take the place of the other as both are needed.

“Your household cleaners and tools may help you keep the dirt off the surface. However they are not sufficient at treating the embedded dirt and grime collected by your floors over time”, highlights one of our experts.

So, even if you mop your floors and sweep them on a regular basis, we suggest giving your tiles and grout a thorough cleaning at least once a year by hiring experts. With advanced tools and efficient techniques, they can ensure the best care of your tiles.

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