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Different Sources Of Carpet Stains In Your Home

Different Sources Of Carpet Stains In Your Home

Making your carpet germ-free and odor-free can be a difficult task. With just vacuuming and sweeping only the upper layer of the dirt can be removed. Dirt and debris in the carpet can be absorbed from different sources. Professionals can easily cover up any situation at your house.

Different sources mean different types of stains. Processes that can remove all kinds of stains must be used by determining which kind of carpet is been cleaned. Here are some suggestions for different sources of carpet.

Main Sources Of Carpet Stains In Your Home

Germs and bacteria present deep in the carpet cannot be removed just by vacuuming. Preventing damages from different sources is required to keep them safe and germ-free. Here are the most valid sources to help you out in the future.

Water-Based Stains

water stain on the carpet

These water-based stains are the most common stains on the carpet. Mostly it’s a combination of oil, proteins, foods, and water stains. This category of dirt includes all types of food, beverages, alcohol, soda, dirt, baby formula, paint, ice cream, fruit, milk, blood, grass, and many more other things.

Dye Stains

dye stain on the carpet

If you have any juice drinkers in your house you need to be careful. The dye present in the beverages can permanently stain the carpet. These types of dye are also present in some medicines. So if you have kids who fight medicines or flick them across the room, try to clean it up as soon as the spots appear.

Wax And Gum 

gum on the carpet

Removing wax and gum from the carpet fibers can do even more damage. The most effective treatment for wax and gum is to prevent them from damaging the fibers. Ice can be effective. Gently blot ice into the stain and let it remain frozen for anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes until it’s frozen.

Cover the area with an old towel or other absorbent cloth that you may dispose of. For a few seconds, run an iron well over the fabric. The wax or gum should melt and absorb into the cloth and will be out of the carpet as a result of the heat.

Pet Stains

pet stain on the carpet

If you have a trained pet or not, accidents happen. Pets stains are inevitable to clear. Pets can also get sick if the carpet is not germ-free or clean. Your carpet is covered in the remnants of pee, feces, and vomit, as well as everything your pet drags in from outside. Making your carpet clean is required to keep your family members and children safe.

Tanin Stains

Coffee stain on the carpet

As there are special tannins in coffee and tea that leaves behind brownish or yellowish color carpet discoloration. It happens the same for pigment-promoting tannins too. You need to take care that your hot drink should not be combined with milk, sugar, or cream or the stain will get compounded. As we all know that beverages can discolor your teeth, in the long run, same and as for carpet cleaning it can easily stain your carpet fibers.

How To Take Care Of Carpet Stains

As many DIY tricks and professional procedures are available, here are some of the best tips to prevent any damage from carpet stains.

  1. Do Not Wear Shoes On The Carpet
  2. Cover Your Carpets With Rugs Or Plastic Mats
  3. Clean Up Spills As Soon As They Happen
  4. Treat Your Carpets With Stain Resistance Treatments
  5. Vacuum Or Clean Your Carpets Regularly

You need to keep in mind that routine cleaning helps us to maintain any kind of carpet fabric. Professionals are best suited to maintain different kinds of carpets. Hiring a professional for this kind of service can help the carpet to extend its lifespan. They are well trained and are capable to provide satisfactory service to all our clients. For a free quote or a trial, call them!

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