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How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality?

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Along with being an aesthetic addition, carpets play a significant role in impacting the indoor air quality of a home. That’s because of their ability to filter the indoor air by trapping all the airborne dirt.

Be it the incoming foot traffic, pet dander, odor molecules, dirt particles, or even germs, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. It accommodates all of them within its deep fibers.

While it’s a good thing that it traps all the filth within itself to keep the home dirt-free, there is a catch here! When an excess amount of pollutants gathers in your carpet, its filtering capacity no longer works. In fact, the filthy carpet does the exact opposite of filtering.

It starts spreading all the dirt into the air instead of trapping it. Further, when people walk over your carpet, it just stirs it more, releasing more of the filth trapped in it. The results – poor indoor air quality and respiratory health risks!

Now, you must say that you vacuum regularly to remove that dirt. But little you may know that your ordinary vacuum and spot cleaning can never be enough. They cannot reach the depth at which tough grime, dirt, and those harmful allergens must be residing.

Now, here is how professional carpet cleaners can come to your rescue.

3 Ways Professionals Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

1. By Pulling out the ingrained dirt and allergens

The cleaning equipment that experts use is what makes dirt removal the most efficient and thorough.

When normal vacuums just recirculate the minute dirt back into the air, their advanced vacuum cleaners contain a HEPA filter. That is known to trap 99.97% of minute dirt and other airborne particles settled deep down the carpet pile. And an adjustable & motorized beater bar attached agitates the fibers, loosening the dirt for more effective removal with proper suction.

Moreover, most carpet cleaning technicians prefer truck-mounted hot water extraction or steam cleaning procedures for a more thorough cleaning. When such high-temperature water vapors are combined with powerful detergents and agitation, it works wonders for your carpet.

When it’s penetrated into the fibers with pressure, it proves to be the most effective in sucking up not just the deep-down dirt and dust but also in eliminating harmful bacteria and allergens, and even mold.

This complete removal rids your carpet of all the pollutants that otherwise would have been degrading your IAQ.

2. By Using safe cleaning solutions

With that said, it’s not just the dirt and germs in the carpet that pollute the air. The over-the-counter carpet cleaning solutions that homeowners often tend to use, are also to be blamed.

Using harsh cleaning solutions is one of the common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid. The harmful toxins in many store-bought carpet cleaners start emitting chemical fumes which again affect the IAQ negatively.

When you hire carpet cleaning pros, they use completely safe and green cleaning. The products and processes that we prefer are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. They not just provide effective cleaning but also give you improved indoor air protecting the carpet and the environment.

3. By Providing thorough ventilation

One of the many factors affecting indoor air quality is inadequate ventilation. Lack of thorough rinsing and drying of the carpet can result in more than just damp fibers. It can lead to mold and mildew growth.

And if you are among those who often prefer to shampoo your carpets at home, you need to reconsider this. There is a high possibility that your regular cleaner won’t be sufficient to suck all the excess water after cleaning.

On the contrary, when professionals take up the job of deep cleaning, they make an effort for thorough drying. Their high-end machinery is capable and efficient enough to extract all the water from the carpet piles and fibers. Many of them also choose to use defoamers that are effective at removing detergent foam and speeding up the drying.

Overall, this prevents humidity and mold growth in your carpet, leading to a better quality of air in your home.

Rely on Our Fresh N Clean Experts for Improved IAQ

Our cleaning methods, equipment, products, and techniques employed by our professionals at Lehigh Acres’ makes all the difference when it comes to removing the pollutants from your carpet and improving the indoor air quality. 

We can eliminate harmful allergens, dirt, and bacteria through our high-end vacuums, powerful steam cleaners, and toxin-free products. By preventing humidity and mold in the air with thorough drying, our experts can help you get a healthier atmosphere.

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