How often does your Business need Commercial Cleaning Services?

How often does your Business need Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial properties require extra attention due to the heavy incoming traffic they often tend to bear on a regular basis. Thus, maintaining an office in a spick and span state is not only crucial for its clean appearance but also for a healthier environment.

And that’s when commercial cleaning comes in handy. With their deep cleaning, they can easily help you maintain your business in a good state. However, many business owners might wonder about the exact frequency of using their services.

So, here are we, telling you how often an office should be cleaned by deep cleaning professionals.

The Need for Commercial Cleaning Services

Every establishment has a dedicated janitor to maintain the workplace on a regular basis. This routine cleaning includes basic tasks like emptying trash, cleaning desks, decluttering spaces, surface dusting, regular mopping, etc.

While these activities certainly help the upkeep of your office to appear spick and span, they may not be sufficient enough for deep cleaning. Your workspace also needs periodic thorough cleaning once in a while.

This includes more intensive attention to every nook and corner and the areas that are not regularly attended to. Right from cleaning your floors’ tile and grout to complete disinfection, commercial cleaning covers a lot of heavy-duty tasks that are not included in routine cleaning.

This eliminates deeply ingrained dirt and germs from hard-to-reach surfaces and that proves to be essential to keep the office environment healthier. With this, there are many advantages of hiring professional commercial cleaning services.

Here are some of them in brief:

  • Thorough and deep cleaning
  • Improved office appearance
  • Reflecting professionalism
  • A healthier work environment
  • Increased employee productivity and morale

Now, let’s see when you need that deep cleaning.

How often do you need Commercial Cleaning Services?

Need Commercial Cleaning Services

Short Answer:

Ideally, there is a specific standard that you should hire commercial cleaning services at least once a year, or even preferably twice (if your budget allows it) to keep your office premises healthy and hygienic.

Long Answer:

Many commercial cleaners provide services at multiple intervals such as weekly, monthly, biannually, or annually. They often provide customized cleaning as per the condition and needs of your office and can best decide how often you need them.

However, depending on your office and its requirements there are certain factors that decide the frequency at which you need to hire deep cleaners.


The larger the offices, the more maintenance they’ll need. The size is also decided by the number of employees working at your establishment. The more population you have, the more frequent cleaning it’ll require.


If your office interiors are designed with such elements that especially get soiled easily and more frequently, such as microfiber upholstery or fully carpeted floors, it requires heavy cleaning more often.


If your office premises bear comparatively more incoming and frequently moving traffic, they will catch dirt faster and become easily dirty. So, for businesses with constant traffic, there is a frequent need for commercial cleaning services.

Hire Top Quality Commercial Cleaners for your Office

If you think your office has been getting all the beating for a while and is heavily soiled, you need to hire professional, commercial cleaning services in Lehigh Acres.

With thorough cleaning of every corner, we, at Fresh N Clean SWFL, provide all-rounded cleaning with complete disinfection and help your offices look sparkling clean, ready to impress your clients and customers and improve your employees’ health and productivity.

We have custom cleaning programs that entail weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly cleaning visits as per client requirements. We also tailor our cleaning while considering any other specific needs.

To enhance your commercial property’s appearance and elevate its professionalism, hire our quality services today!

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